Here are some answers to our most common questions


What is a 212 club member?

Answer. A member is a person that has access to the club during normal business hours. They also receive some special discounts, Can sit in on board meetings, Vote for board members, and know they are a part of something helping our fellows in recovery.

Is there a fee for membership?

Answer. Yes, your first month is free to try us out, after that we offer several different options from monthly, 6month, and yearly. Discounts for 6 months and yearly renewals.

Do I have to join to attend meetings?

Answer. No, you may attend meetings and have access to the building 30 minutes prior to the meeting until 30 minutes after the meeting ends.

What if I can’t afford it now?

Answer. We understand, and we are willing to work with you. We will give you a month free so you may have access to the club, our phones, computer and printers so that you can start getting back on your feet again.

What if I need even more time?

Answer. Once again, we understand. We offer hardship memberships for 90 days at a time. You just need to submit a request to our board of directors. (and we will help you with that)

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