Terms & Policies


Volunteer Cancellation policy:

We ask that you please be respectful of us and other volunteers and give us plenty of advanced notice if you are unable to fulfill your commitment. If this becomes a recurring issue, we will no longer allow you to volunteer.   

Community Service:

We reserve the right to decline or cancel any community service worker that we feel is not safe or effective in our environment.  

Facility and damage:

We trust in our volunteers and all our members to do their best to keep our club nice and safe. If it becomes a problem with a member or visitor, we reserve the right to refuse service and if need be, ban a member or visitor from the 212 Club. Members will not be refunded their dues for this matter.  

Medical and emergencies

We reserve the right to call the police and first res-ponders if we feel a patron or member is a danger to themselves, others, or our facility. We are also trained in the use of Nar-Can and will administer it if we feel a patron is in need.